A Message from James & Arlene Martell

“Over the years Arlene and I have met up with hundreds of industry professionals, students and clients who were kind enough to share their thoughts, feedback and stories of success. This is a sampling”

Industry Professionals Praise for James Martell

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Brook Schaaf
CEO at FMTC.com

"James Martell’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to inspire many who are involved with the Internet. His books and trainings are truly “from the heart” and his willingness to share with others the processes which have led to his own success is incredible."

Joshua Sloan
Director of Online Marketing
1&1 Hosting
The World’s #1 Web Host

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Jonathan Miller
CEO at OfferForge.com

"James is a one of a kind – an Internet marketing rock star. When he has spoken at Affiliate Summit, his sessions always receive a 10 out of 10. In a space with many imitators and pretenders, James is the real deal."

Shawn Collins
Co-founder, Affiliate Summit
Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine
Founder of GeekCast.FM

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Jamie Birch
CEO at JebCommerce.com

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Roy Weissman
Founder at OctopusOnline.com

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Jeannine Crooks
Publisher Acquisition at Awin.com

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Ken McCarthy
Founder, System Club & Seminars

Client Praise for James Martell

"If you want to really get it done and move the needle. James Martell and his SmarterLocal team are whom you want in your corner. I’ve listened to his podcast for years absorbing all the value he so freely gives. The knowledge, value, and experience he gives are second to none. TOP NOTCH! It was because of his experience I chose him as my mentor for my podcast and to work with him to revamp my website."

Tequila Dodard
Host, Stand Out Be You

"I was looking to grow my new whale watching adventure company. James Martell helped me to understand the fundamentals of growing a successful online sales and marketing program for my business. James and his team then assisted and mentored me to implement that program which quickly helped me grow from ZERO to full boats of whale watching adventure seekers."

Andrew Newman, Captain
Owner, White Rock Whale Watching
TripAdvisor, Certificate of Excellence

"I have worked with James and Arlene now for over 4 years. They have earned my trust and I’m grateful to have them on my team. They have done my website, search optimized it and shown me how to blog and podcast on my own. Their work has greatly contributed to the success of my business and I would refer them to any business owner looking to succeed online. Plus, they are great people."

Dr. Cale Copeland BScN, DC
Victoria Family Chiropractic

Student Praise for James Martell

"Great, great class tonight. Thank you for your unending support to help us all succeed - I really appreciate all the "behind the scenes" work that you do!"

Julia Mahler

"I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of your Online Bootcamp. The technology is amazing, especially the "whiteboard" feature where you can really show exactly what your thought process is for a point in the training. I especially like your follow up audios answering the students' questions and find that this ongoing feature has been most helpful to me personally. Your conversational approach in explaining your answers gives great insight and clarity to both the manual and the training. My "light bulb" has come on numerous times as I listen to your answers, "Oh that's what James means." “The bootcamp you are doing is awesome. I love the format and the how you answer every question."

Dr. Raj Banerjee
St. Louis, Missouri

"I have two degrees I have obtained from UK educational establishments but I can honestly say this has been my best educational experience ever. If only all education was like this!"

Pete Bradley BSc / BA (Hons)
Basic Skills Tutor
Dudley, West Midlands, England

"James' teaching skills are superb! I hold advanced university technical degrees and am a Board certified professional. James is among the top three instructors to which I have been exposed Patience! Patience! Patience! -- no question is too simple or too dumb! James provides access to acknowledged industry experts that you would otherwise never reach. Access is provided to business opportunities that you would otherwise never be afforded. Fantastic take-away videos and step by step tutorials for use at your own pace make success just a matter of your application."

David P. Cunningham
President, Kadoka Media Group
Wyoming, USA

"Just wanted to say thank you for the past eight weeks of the BootCamp. We learnt so much and it has made a tremendous difference to how we are running the websites now. We can see a huge difference already. I am having so much fun with it all and for the first time my business partner has created her own website. It's become almost an addiction for her as she works on her website at all hours of the day and night. Would love to do the next bootcamp but we have decided that you covered everything really well, so it is just a matter of us putting it all into practice. I am sure we will be doing another one in the future though, so we can stay up-to-date. The bootcamp was excellent value for money. We didn't expect all the extra coffee talk chats and the guest speakers during the classes. I just think you both did a fantastic job."

Paula Carnogoy & Wanda Sowden
Internet Entrepreneurs
Perth, Australia

"I remember when we first started that one of the things we really wanted to see was real people making money online. But not only that, we wanted to know exactly how much they were making. We needed proof that we could do it too which is why listening to the Bronwyn Bamber Coffee Talks were always so inspirational. So we thought that you all might like to see what we made this month on Amazon to hopefully give you a bit of inspiration too. I attached a screen print of our Amazon earnings below but just in case it doesn't show up our total earnings for November were $14,680. I am very happy with the class. It has been worth 10 times the price and it has exceeded my expectations. I feel James has spent a ton of time on us and has gone over and above the call of duty. My confidence has increased greatly."

Dave Flask
Chief Financial Officer
Cleveland, Ohio

"I've been trying to learn online business techniques and website building for the past couple of years, and this is the first and only clear instruction I've ever had. I am a senior citizen, and the internet is a new and often confusing world to me. James teaches in a straight forward, clear, and patient style. He does not presume his students are computer and internet savvy. His SUPER BootCamp is not at all gimmicky, nor does he try to sell anything. It is pure, honest instruction. I have learned so much that I feel like a kid again in a whole new and fascinating world. Thank you so much, James!"

Steve Gordon
High School Teacher (Retired)
Cypress, TX

"Your material is the best thing that ever happened to me in my marketing business. Have a great week and thanks again."

David Brooks
Arizona, USA

"Great course. The best money I've ever spent for online business building. Keep of the great work!"

Ed Forteau
Entrepreneur, Co-Publisher

"The course was amazing. It was so much more then we expected. The interaction in the online conference room was 'just like being there' only better - we didn't have to leave our home to participate fully. The PAD technique is brilliant!"

Tammy & Romeo Morales
Graphic Designer
Telecommunications Specialist
Didsbury, Alberta Canada

"I've been just so busy that I have not had the time to send you a note of appreciation for all of the teaching and tutoring that you have provided...so busy being a victim of my own success for which I credit your BootCamp and Backlink Workshops. I have tried many other methods taught by credible and well noted authorities but by far your knowledge and experienced packed and "down to earth" delivery surpasses them all! Thank you very much for your passion in teaching us the "real" nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing."

Dan Maynard
Manager, Marketing Tactics
Saskatchewan, Canada

"Thank you so much Arlene & James! I don't know what to say.... This bootcamp has solidified everything you have taught! We thank Arlene, you and Adam as an awesome inspiration. Through this training we have learned commitment and focus are key but more importantly that it's not about getting it right, it's about getting going! We've also learned to take each challenge as an opportunity to learn, work together and realize our goal of having a thriving online business together! The real proof can today when I was speaking to a friend on our business. He ask what we were doing. When I told him he literally typed in the words I spoke and there was our site! #3 in Google! Thank you so much! Your commitment fuelled ours and we forever thank you!"

Don & Christiane Conner
Principle Software Architect
SAN Storage Systems
Las Vegas, NV

"We were happy to find proof that he does what he says and it WORKS. Today. All our questions were answered LIVE in the online conference room, leaving no stones unturned. The Affiliate Marketers BootCamp is a must for anyone serious about Internet marketing because all the overwhelming work is broken into detailed, bite size actions to take. The quality of the information and the effectiveness of the techniques James generously teaches are many times demonstrated. We were happy to find proof that he does what he says and it WORKS. We absolutely loved it"

Andrianne Hamel & Luc Cloutier
Administrative Assistant
Quebec, Canada

"I look back at how hard it was for me to even try to get something together before the bootcamp and I tried but failed. Now I have a quality website. I am excited."

Chris Laird
Business & Marketing
Pennsylvania, USA

"I think the format for the online BootCamp is perfect. To have a week between steps allows me to study and digest the information at my own pace. It also gives me a deadline to have the work done. I see myself having everything I need to be able to replace my income and work full time in a business that I believe I will absolutely love."

Tony Miller
Florida, USA

"Great sessions - I particularly like the video and audio versions of each session - we can play back the video or audio as many times as we need to carry out a function 1 step at a time. Questions are answered at the same time as the instruction - which helps me understand the topic more completely. Mixing the Bootcamp with the Q&A means that questions that come up during the session review or later can be answered when they first appear and not be left undone for weeks on end."

Rick Kearns
Consultant, Business Man
Ontario, Canada

"The information shared on "Outsourcing" was a success, for me. It allows me to focus on other aspects of the business and not have to do everything by myself. And his relaxed and personable, presentation doesn't hurt either!"

Rochelle Johnson
Technology & Learning Resources Dept.
Chicago State University
Illinois, USA

"Thanks so much again to you and James for a great online BootCamp. And just hearing James "think through" the various steps and his answering the students' questions really gave me some excellent insight as to his thought processes. I can't tell you how many times as I listened my "a-ha" factor kicked in."

Ed Price

"Thanks for the awesome session. I really like the staying at home online concept. It is really easy to plan it around my family and kids."

Scott Gray
Stay at Home Dad
British Columbia, Canada

"Yes! I have read the 2002, 2005 and 2006 manual along other ebooks and attended a live Bootcamp. All of it interestingly focuses back to the manual that anyone can get. It's funny that you think you are missing something but really you aren't. Live trainings and the videos just allow you to get your questions answered right then, and limits you wandering into google to search for your answers (and to later get confused or sidetracked). I am very happy I am doing this, it is narrowing my focus and helping me stay totally motivated!"

Rhonda Morin
Entrepreneur, Mom
Virginia, USA

"I believe my experience at this BootCamp was the best investment I've ever made in myself, my family and our dreams. The networking I was able to do with as many fantastic people and the personal presentations of the material by James and the one on one time we were able to have with James, Arlene and the experts he brought to the camp. This opportunity has energized and motivated me to get to the next level of my affiliate marketing career."

Denis Vaillancourt
British Columbia, Canada

"The Interactive BootCamp adds another dimension to learning. I learn more in the interactive environment and in illustrative demos than from book, or having an "information dump" at a weekend BootCamp. Being able to view recordings is great - especially if there is the ability to fast-forward or jump to specific parts of the presentation."

Alan Blyth
New Zealand

"I always appreciate it when James will ask the person he is interviewing to reiterate certain points, and in some cases request concrete real life examples of how certain techniques are performed. I find that his interview process reinforces the proper "mental model" of how to go about executing various techniques."

Christian Chapa
Affiliate Manager
California, USA

"James opened my eyes to what was keeping me back - trying to do everything myself. With his tips on how to outsource a lot of my business, I can work smarter, not harder."

Chris Molnar
Graphic Designer
Manitoba, Canada

"Before I forget, Thanks to the both of you for a great course. I have taken many a grad school course in my time and all of the professors could learn from the both of you how to hold a fantastic online course. The materials are great! The support is unheard of. Kudos to the both of you. Thanks for everything."

Marian Owczarczak

"I love all of the things I am learning each day with James' teaching."

Gail Smith
Texas, USA

"Have not completed all the BootCamp videos yet but I must say that I am more than impress with James' knowledge and expertise. These are very professional videos and offer invaluable information. I am looking forward to completing them."

Steve Bostick
Tennessee, USA

"Any Internet publishers, new and experienced alike need the social interaction, "attaboys", and motivation that your Online BootCamp provides. So, kudos to you, James and Arlene, for the forum you have provided to all of us. I feel more confident in myself and my ability to pick relevant topics, and knowing that I now have the tools to reach my FULL potential! It's also nice to know that there are people on the Net who really care about the success of others and are offering a superior product, and your online book and online BootCamp does fit that description. James and Arlene, I am very impressed with you, your business acumen, and your ethical approach to helping others!"

Mary Ruff-King

"I was a long time ago student of Mr. Martell and wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to him for what he taught me. Since then I have built a site that has just about freed me from my jobs. All I have to do is repeat this process and I'll be there. This large site gets from 2000 to 2200 visitors per day and surprises me every day with the income it produces even more than 3 years after I finished working actively on it! So thank you James for laying the basics out for me to get myself free finally!"

Pat Bowlin
Colorado, USA

"I love all the details! Since I am new to affiliate marketing, but not new to marketing, I find all the affiliate baby steps, industry information and examples very useful. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I'm so happy I'm taking your course!"

Jen Bowers

"Thanks for all your efforts in providing the BootCamp students with the excellent, wide-ranging, up-to-date information you have given. The Handbook is 1st class, but we have gleaned many more nuggets of essential information from the online presentation and the interviews. It's hard to see what more you could do to 'load the dice' anymore in our favor re success in affiliate marketing."

Cheri Britton / Peter Appleby

"I'm seeing my first site up and running and thanks to the wisdom from James and guests the knowledge to fine tune it, make it better and then go on to building more pages. I like the format a lot I would definitely do this again in the future."

John Grayson

"James gave me a completely new perspective on how to make web site building less frustrating and more fun. When it involved content creation I was finding that writing content for my site was very time consuming and a major mind block from me moving forward with my business. James showed me how to outsource all the content creation tasks so I can get on building my business. Priceless information."

Glenn Coleman

"I would like to say that I am a complete newbie to building a web site and to the idea of building an internet business. The wonderful things about the Super Boot Camp were their organization, their schedule and the easy to follow instructions. I very much liked the fact that not only could you replay the video but you also had access to the printed script. For me I find reading the printed material reinforces the visual and audio material. The sharing of everyone's knowledge in the forum and the comfort of being able to ask questions without feeling totally foolish was very helpful to someone as knew as I am. Both James and Arlene are more than generous with their time, knowledge and support. Besides the formal conference room teaching, the question and answer sessions along with the Coffee talk interviews helped to add to the knowledge base. For me this has been a steep climb and they eased that process."

Pat Tate
Real Estate Agent
British Columbia, Canada

"This training is helping a lot. I read the book and got bogged down a bit. This training really brings the book to life. I like the pace, the flow, the structure. I appreciate the care you take with your students - answering questions and guiding us along. I also like the "accessories:" audio interviews, educational videos, summary emails etc. This is one of the best training experiences I have ever had. Thank you very much!"

Regina Schuler
Colorado, USA

"I'm glad I did the BootCamp. It's kept me on pace, motivated me to go forward with confidence, and provided a lot of little "extras" of information that I wouldn't have received by reading the manual alone. I also like that I can ask questions when I'm confused and get an answer really quickly. It's making all the difference for me."

Kevin Flavin
England, UK

"The BootCamp was fantastic. No black hat, no tricks, no software solutions. It was all about the real deal...building quality sites. I enjoyed discovering how to properly set up site nav bars, how to set up a proper product page, how to link articles back to product pages and the importance of backlinks."

Bob Martin
Sechelt, BC Canada

"Thanks so much for your great follow-up you and James are a pleasure to work with. Do keep me posted on the ongoing classes after our bootcamp, I would like to be a part of that."

Latanya Quince

"There are many things I enjoyed about the BootCamp: James, you are a natural. You're born a great teacher, mentor, speaker, entertainer, and inspiration for you students. The ability for the students to interact in the conference room through voice and text messages. Live demos through the conference room browser and whiteboard and the ability for the students to get their questions answered through the forum and the help desk."

Donald Chee

"Thanks so much for the wonderful class you are providing. I am really enjoying it and learning so much, I'm so grateful to you and to Arlene for sharing your knowledge and experiences!"

Jen Bowers

"I know you both are extremely busy, so I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for taking the time to critique my website. After last night's bootcamp, you can say I had a very eye opening, and believe this or not, a life changing experience when James was critiquing my site, and this feedback was truly important to me, and exactly what I needed to hear and witness for myself. I strongly feel that things happen for a reason, and I have been blessed to be a part of this Bootcamp, just for the fact that I really want to succeed in this business, and when taken down the right path, I believe one day I will be successful at this business. If you don't already know this, you both were put on this earth to change lives, and you're doing it through your passion to help others. Thank you for being true, thank you for your honesty, thank you for believing that success should be shared among others, so we all can develop and live better and richer lives. I know that this last part is going to be really corny, and believe me, as a past business developer in the cut-throat business world, I'm the last person to get mushy. I truly want to thank you both for just being who you are, and I'm honored to be a part of your vision and journey."

Bill Lezubski

"Let me start off by saying "WOW" I am really enjoying the BootCamp. Even though you may feel a little strange doing the online conferencing -- I think it is working great -- I love the live teaching and the interaction. Way to go James!!"

Linda Meadley

"Thank you for the homework! It keeps me thinking and doing."

Jennifer Bowers